A Bogner ski jacket and pants, Christmas 1967

I may have given the wrong impression of a poor writer competing with a rich stockbroker. The ‘poor writer’ was doing pretty well in 1967; witness this present I gave Penny for Christmas: a Bogner ski jacket and pants from Creeds.

If you’re not familiar with the brand, it’s not surprising. Bogner has stratospheric prices. I think the jacket cost me $290 and the pants, maybe $90. So, let’s say $380 all round in 1967 dollars. Adjusted for inflation, that would be the equivalent of $2,847.39CAN.

So, let’s see what it would cost to duplicate that today. Looking at the Bogner website, a similar jacket would cost $1600US and similar pants, $500US.That’s $2100US or $2,793.52CAN, very nearly the same price. I have to hand it to Bogner, they’ve held their price point very well over 50 years.

Getting into the VW with the Bogner outfit. Note the snow in the background. And the glasses.

Penny is three months from leaving me at this point. Bogner? This Munich clothing company is still going strong. Good for them.

I’d like to think the quality and cost of this gift shows both my desire to live up to Penny’s standards and my ability to do so. Had she stayed, she would have wound up moving into a new semi-detached house in North York in three years, driving around in an Audi 100LS in four, being a member of the Boulevard Club on Lakeshore Boulevard West and riding on the back of a new 1973 BMW R75/5 motorcycle.

Indeed, her successor, Betsy Ruth Brant, wound up getting even bigger baubles, the most outlandish of which was a diamond ring that looked like a Christmas tree and cost $7,000 in 1974 dollars, a whopping $37,352.12 in today’s money.

Betsy is another story; this is Penny’s, and mine, and Bogner’s.