Lowestoft, Suffolk

WHY Lowestoft? Lovers of the Arthur Ransome ‘Swallows and Amazons‘ series of books know that Lowestoft features in ‘Coot Club,’ a story involving some very precocious (and delightful) children on he Norfolk broads. So off Penny and I went for a weekend from our flat at 93 Fitzjohns Ave., Hampstead.

Sweater and kilt skirt, handbag, cigarettes, sun glasses case, lighter and a book. We’re off to the seaside

I rented a Mini, the same kind of car we had on our honeymoon in the Lake District. The area is the setting for other books in the Arthur Ransome series.

On the road to the seaside

Very typical English highway with high hedgerows on either side. I’m driving and taking the picture because, like all English cars, the steering wheel is on the right-hand side.

Penny on the front at Lowestoft, Suffolk

The trip was in late September of 1966. It looks as if the temperature has gone down because Penny has put on her coat. Pretty typical for September on the North Sea.

How I know it’s Lowestoft? Take a look at the snap. Take a really good look at the object on the right against the horizon (at full enlargement: right click, view image).

I checked four beachfronts in Britain before I found this unique statue of Neptune struggling with a sea monster on the Lowestoft seafront. You can still see the statue today.

Same place, same skirt, great smile

This picture of Penny sitting on a cement wall was taken on the same day, in the same place, and is on the same roll of film.

Put aside everything else you see written here. My angst, her betrayal, the whole emotional mess, and just imagine as I can now remember, a great weekend with a beautiful wife at a very typical English seacoast resort.

No, it’s not all in the movies. Sometimes real life is magic.