A Duke mahagany runabout at the 2016 Muskoka Lakes antique boat show.

You can help write this story in  number of ways if you were the right person at the right time, or if your friends, colleagues or parents were.

For example, did you go to school with Penny at Havergal College in the 1950’s? Why did she leave and how old was she at the time? Did you go to school with her at Meisterschaft College? Remember those fried Danishes, touch football, and games of hearts? Sure you do, but do you remember Charlie Shields and Penny Peace?

Were you at school with her at Oakwood Collegiate in 1960 (grade 13)?

In Miskoka, at the huge Peace cottage on Lake Joseph, did you ever play tennis there, attend parties or go out in one of their two Duke runabouts? Do you have any pictures you’d like to share?

Later on, did you received or send any letters to Penny Peace between the years 1964 and 1968? I’d consider including them. If you were a work colleague of hers in Vancouver at Greenshields Incorporated in 1964 you may have pictures taken at a staff party or private event. This certainly applies to her friends Mary and Tommy.

The same goes for work colleagues of Penny at Dominion Securities in London, England in 1964 or 1965, or in Toronto in 1966, 1967 or 1968. Stockbrokers are great party goers and there must be hundreds of pictures put away in old trunks, cardboard boxes and photo albums of the shenanigans on Bay Street in the 60’s. Penny was a beauty with a distinctive swosh of hair across her right eye so she’s almost certainly in some of them.

Charlie Shields, if you’re reading this, write me a note. What happened to you and Penny in Toronto that turned her off before you came out West with me? What happened to Roberta Maxwell in King and Nicki in Spain? How did you come to meet Walter Stephaniuk in Paris? And if, sadly, you’re not alive; are you a son or daughter reading this? Charlie Shields deserves a biography, if one hasn’t been written already.


Don Peace

Don Peace, again the question, are you still with us? I have plenty of questions for you. According to Penny’s obituary, you were friends with Hugh Lawson. Were you and Hugh working in the same Toronto office? Did you know about her affair when I took those pictures of you at Big Chute in 1967?

There are a lot of questions, and plenty of answers lying around, if people knew what the questions were. And, as I said at the top, you can help.