March 13, 1964


My Darling,

Just a thought before I wearily go to sleep on this Friday night. A writer friend once said if one’s source of inner happiness were protected, one could never be irreparably hurt. Right or Wrong, Good or Bad, you are my source of inner happiness, my love my life. Sleep warm darling, I’ll be in your bed soon.


Sunday Evening

Hi dear one –

It’s a beautiful day here today – sunny and very warm. Jamie (one of my roommates) and I went for a long walk in the park this afternoon and it really was beautiful. It did both of us a lot of good too – spent most of yesterday moping around the house.

I do miss you so very much and the end of may can’t come too soon for me. One bit of good news lover. You remember Hugh Lawson, the chap who helped me get a job when we first came out here? Well, I was talking to him about my plans to go to England the other day and he said when my plans were definite, he would write to Dominion Securities in London and if they don’t have a job for me they will see that I get one – Is that good news or what?

Monday night,

Goofy, goofy lover, Of course I’ll marry you. I received your frantic letter of Wednesday night  – poor goofy lover. By now you will have received my last letter and know how I stand financially and that mid-May is the soonest I can make it – that is if  Dad lends me the money – but even if he doesn’t, I’ll work out something.

But your idea is perfect – saves the sweat of having to have a job first. Can I still get a job over there if I get into the country the way you suggest? The answer to this question is very important. But most important is that I love you and want to marry you – so stop fretting lover.

Have you received my other letters all right? By the sound of your last letter you hadn’t heard from me for a while.

Well, Hon, I’m off to sleep with the warm thought of being in your arms very soon. Oh God Frank, I love you so damn much.

Hang on Darling, it won’t be long now. Don’t fret and don’t cry. Feel my love and my longing for you. Hang on dear one.

All my love,


‘Boo’ X X X

Penny thinks you’re swell too!

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