May 16, 1964


My Darling Frank,

Well, here I am at the cottage and, at last, with time to relax. Poor darling, you must have been very worried at my lack of letters. Believe me, it was simply that I didn’t have the time – and I mean that quite literally. The last week in Vancouver, and especially this week in Toronto, have really been frantic – I rarely had time even to sleep.

It wouldn’t have been so bad had I simply been going to England, but the fact that I was getting married seemed to make people feel they were losing me forever. In a sense I suppose they are.

Dad and Maureen and I spent Thursday evening with your family. Dr. Irwin Hilliard and his wife and the principal of your step-mother’s school was there also. All in all, I think the evening went very well. I fell in love almost immediately with Dr. Hilliard – he is so warm and intelligent and outgoing. [I’ll tell you] more of that evening when I see you.

Well darling, it certainly won’t be long now. What is it – twelve days? I can hardly believe it – I can still acutely remember the agony of having to wait months. Well, lover, have to wash my hair so I’d better get going.

See you soon (beautiful words aren’t they?)

I love you Frank


Pen X .

NOTE: If you’d like to see what this looked like in the original, here’s a scan of the last of three pages in this letter. The last one I got from her before she left.

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