April 4, 1965

123 Sylvan Ave


Dear Frank and Penny,

Last night we were at your father’s birthday party (on the 3rd, instead of the 2nd) and saw your wedding pictures. The Bride looked beautiful and happy as all brides should and the Groom looked serious and competent as all grooms should.

We were sorry not to be there, but were certainly thinking about you on that day. We realized that the crowds we saw on T.V. were not all at your wedding, but the two events entered into our thoughts together – both historical occasions.

P.M. (post marital) news indicates that all is well, life being more interesting and enjoyable than before. Agnes and I would love to drop in for dinner, but I don’t expect we’ll be over until 1966.

[ . . .]

Today is a beautiful, spring day at Scarborough: clear sky, blue lake and thrusting birds. However, we’re a long way behind Hampstead. Sunday dinner is about ready, so I’ll sharpen the carving knife for the Sunday roast.

Take care of each other. Write when you can. Best of everything to you both.


Irwin [my Uncle]

Dear Penny and Frank:

Finally, we have seen your wedding pictures which we heard about some time ago. They are excellent!

It was good to see your friends too, as well as both of you. I hope you have had time to find congenial friends. They can be a great help when living in a new place – although London is not new to you both. By now perhaps you feel very much ‘at home.’ It is a fascinating city!

We hope you will have many interesting and happy years together, and that you will continue to look as contented and more so as in these pictures.

Life does get better all the time and can be full of so much happiness.

Good luck to you both.


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