March 9, 1965

450 Walmer Rd.


Dear Both,

What can we say? They’re such beautiful pictures and you both look so happy and well. You certainly do have a handsome husband Pen!! (the only time I ever saw Frank before was in a small snapshot)

Penny you look lovely, you really do (I had them in the office today and everyone agrees that you’re an extremely happy and handsome looking couple – this, of course, makes one feel very proud indeed). I don’t know how many times your dad and I have had the pictures in and out of the envelope – they mean so much to us. I never expected to have four – we do appreciate it, believe me, sort of bringing you both that much closer.

Being a woman, I have examined every little detail – what colour is your hat; it’s darling. You had described everything else before and it did look so nice. Also is that your own car that you are standing beside – see how nosy I am? Just one more question, are you wearing an engagement ring? (See how I examined the photos – hope you don’t mind). I know you wrote you sent us the best, but it’s hard to believe that any of them could be anything but great.

Now I have to find some type of frame so that you will always be in view. Again thank you for sending us so many. Nothing anyone could send would mean more. We shall treasure them always, thank you.

[ .. .]

Well dears, I want your Dad to write a few lines so, knowing his “tiny” handwriting, I better leave him some space. My love to both and again a great big thank you for the photos. Take care and drop us a line when you have time.



Dear Pen & Frank,

The pictures were perfect and underline your remark, “a happy couple , a happy marriage.” I hope you both will continue to feel about each other as you do now. Frank is quite a handsome boy and looks quite a bit like his Dad – I thought.

I’ll be interested in hearing what various people sent and I know Fraser Wilson sent money (which is the most sensible – particularly with the duties over there).

Mr. and Mrs. Gillon were very pleased with the letter you sent.

Hope you both keep well,



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