January 25, 1965

Phoebe Cottage [300 year old, thatched]

Wavendon, Bucks

Dear Frank,

Sorry for the long silence, but . . .

Den and I were very happy to hear of your wedding coming up on Saturday and offer advanced congrats to you and Penny and sincere wishes for a happy life.

Life for us is its usual erratic self. I’m working hard and Den has chucked in the Beds Times and is freelancing in this area (full amusing story to be related at a further date). However, funds are low; spirits high. In view of the first statement, please accept this note in lieu of a telegram, present or speech on Saturday.

We’ll be happy to welcome you to Phoebe and have a tonk up with you when you can see your way clear to get down for a weekend.

Robin visited us Christmas from his new home and job at Blackpool. He’s now married and an imminent papa. No recent news of Walter [Stefaniuk]; have you?

Hope your job on AP is working out well. Den is still doing his Sunday Express stint, but makes little out of it moneywise once he’s paid his expenses. He hasn’t crashed the Mini recently tho’ I’ve given it a few gentle knocks. I hate that car and wish we’d keep the Armstrong [Siddeley].

It’s very frosty and blustery here at Phoebe at present. The shed roof keeps blowing across to the recreation ground; there are weird crackling noises at night and 28 windows (it must be) blew out last week. It’s all very difficult . . .

Good wishes again to you both. Love and special thoughts.


[Wife of Dennis, a Luton News reporter]

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