August 12, 1964

Dominion Securities Corporation Limited

Vancouver, B.C.


August 12th, 1964.


Miss Penny Peace,

c/o Dominion Securities Corporation Ltd.,

6 Austin Friars,

London, E.C.2.,



Dear Penny:

Thank you for your letter of August 9th. I am taking the easy way out and dictating my reply. Not too intimate, but nevertheless convenient.

I am very glad things worked out well for you, and that they were able to give you something to do with us in London. They are a good crew there, and Dudley is a wonderful education in himself.

I am very sorry to hear about your marriage plans, but I suppose it is all for the best. The kind of man you really should marry is someone about 15 years older than yourself, and with grey hair, who still has a twinkle left in his eye. I suppose there are one or two people like that around somewhere.

Seriously, I am delighted to hear you have landed on your feet in London, and I appreciate your letter very much indeed.

Please be kind enough to thank Dudley very much for me, for answering my cable about Caulton. I cabled to prevent Caulton accepting a position somewhere else, and I hope he did not think me rude, when I felt sure there was a good reason for the delay.

Once again, best regards, and best wishes for much success in London, and perhaps a romance or two.

(signed “Hugh L”)


  • Ezven Kalivoda

    This is a pretty amazing letter. The admission that it’s “not too intimate” implies that a letter that wasn’t dictated would be intimate. Have you checked to see if he was actually on the Sunprincess with Penny?

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